Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa Platform. The latest version is 0.18.0.

Rasa Platform


This is the documentation for version 0.14.4 of Rasa Platform. Make sure you select the appropriate version of the documentation for your installation!

Welcome to the Rasa Platform!

The Rasa Platform documentation contains instructions about how to install, run, debug, and configure the platform. Rasa Platform is a commercial product offered by Rasa Technologies GmbH. This documentation is relevant to you if your company has a subscription.

There is separate documentation for our open source libraries Rasa NLU and Rasa Core.

How to read this documentation

If you are just starting out, begin with

  1. the Platform Installation Instructions
  2. checking out the Deploy an Example App
If you’ve got an example running and would like to read up in more depth, check out
Architecture Deep Dive, as well as the Developer Documentation section.