Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa Platform.


Common Commands

This is a collection of commands that are useful for debugging and inspecting the Rasa Platform as well as the integrated services

Querying the internal database

This will start an interactive shell that allows you to use usual MongoDB queries, e.g. show dbs

docker exec -i -t mongo mongo

Debugging and Troubleshooting Containers

If Rasa Platform doesn’t start, you can take a look at the log files to see why it is not working. Open a terminal session on the server and run:

sudo docker ps -a

This will show you which docker container has been stopped. Run

sudo docker logs <container_id>

To grab the logs of that docker container. Sometimes it is also helpful to grab the logs from the replicated-operator docker container with the above command (using the id shown by the sudo docker ps -a command).