Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa NLU.

Community Contributions


This is an (incomplete) list of external resources created by the Rasa community. We list them here because they can help you learn about the Rasa Stack, but they are not officially endorsed by Rasa and we cannot promise that they will be kept up-to-date as the project evolves.

Community Written Documentation

  • A three part tutorial on using Rasa NLU in combination with Node-RED to create a basic chat bot and integrate it with Slack and Twilio.
    • Part 1 - Installation, Education, and Model Training
    • Part 2 - Back end fulfillment using Node-RED
    • Part 3 - A Complete Chatbot on Slack and Twilio
  • Documentation on using Rasa NLU with Docker
  • Failing Gracefully with Rasa NLU

Community Open Source Tools/Software

Below is a list of tools and applications written around or for Rasa NLU using a permissive license.

  • Postgres backed UI for interacting with Rasa NLU
  • A tool for generating training examples from a list of entities

Video Tutorials

  • Talk about the Rasa Stack at PyData