Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa Core. The latest version is 0.14.5.

The Rasa dialogue engine


This is the documentation for version 0.7.0a9 of Rasa Core. Make sure you select the appropriate version of the documentation for your local installation!

Welcome to the Rasa Documentation!

what am I looking at?

Rasa is a framework for building conversational software: Messenger/Slack bots, Alexa skills, etc. We’ll abbreviate this as a ‘bot’ in this documentation. You can

  • write your bots logic in python code (recommended),
  • or use Rasa Core as a webservice (experimental, see Rasa Core as a HTTP server).

what’s cool about it?

Rather than a bunch of if/else statements, the logic of your bot is based on a probabilistic model trained on example conversations.

that sounds harder than writing a few if statements

In the beginning of a project, it’s indeed easier to just hard code some logic. Rasa helps you when you want to go past that and create a bot that can handle more complexity.

Can I see it in action?

We thought you’d never ask! Check out A Bot From Scratch .

Python API