Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa NLU.

Context-aware Dialogue

Rasa NLU allows you to turn natural language into structured data, but this might not be enough if you want to build a bot that handles what has been said in context and adjusts the flow of the conversation accordingly. Rasa’s open-source solution to handle contextual dialogue is Rasa Core, but there are other tools out there such as Dialogflow (not open-sourced).

Rasa Core uses machine learning to predict the evolution of a conversation, and does away with the need for tedious and poorly-scaling if/else logic. It also allows you to implement custom actions in response to the user message, such as saying something back, modifying a database, calling an API or handing over to a human. It is by design the natural companion of Rasa NLU if you want to build conversational bots.