Warning: This document is for an old version of Rasa Core.

Source code for rasa_core.policies.policy

import copy
import logging
import tensorflow as tf
from typing import (
    Any, List, Optional, Text, Dict, Callable)

from rasa_core import utils
from rasa_core.domain import Domain
from rasa_core.featurizers import (
    MaxHistoryTrackerFeaturizer, BinarySingleStateFeaturizer)
from rasa_core.featurizers import TrackerFeaturizer
from rasa_core.trackers import DialogueStateTracker
from rasa_core.training.data import DialogueTrainingData

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Policy(object): SUPPORTS_ONLINE_TRAINING = False @staticmethod def _standard_featurizer(): return MaxHistoryTrackerFeaturizer(BinarySingleStateFeaturizer()) @classmethod def _create_featurizer(cls, featurizer=None): if featurizer: return copy.deepcopy(featurizer) else: return cls._standard_featurizer() @staticmethod def _load_tf_config(config: Dict[Text, Any]) -> Optional[tf.ConfigProto]: """Prepare tf.ConfigProto for training""" if config.get("tf_config") is not None: return tf.ConfigProto(**config.pop("tf_config")) else: return None def __init__(self, featurizer: Optional[TrackerFeaturizer] = None, priority: Optional[int] = 1 ) -> None: self.__featurizer = self._create_featurizer(featurizer) self.priority = priority @property def featurizer(self): return self.__featurizer @staticmethod def _get_valid_params(func: Callable, **kwargs: Any) -> Dict: # filter out kwargs that cannot be passed to func valid_keys = utils.arguments_of(func) params = {key: kwargs.get(key) for key in valid_keys if kwargs.get(key)} ignored_params = {key: kwargs.get(key) for key in kwargs.keys() if not params.get(key)} logger.debug("Parameters ignored by `model.fit(...)`: {}" "".format(ignored_params)) return params
[docs] def featurize_for_training( self, training_trackers: List[DialogueStateTracker], domain: Domain, **kwargs: Any ) -> DialogueTrainingData: """Transform training trackers into a vector representation. The trackers, consisting of multiple turns, will be transformed into a float vector which can be used by a ML model.""" training_data = self.featurizer.featurize_trackers(training_trackers, domain) max_training_samples = kwargs.get('max_training_samples') if max_training_samples is not None: logger.debug("Limit training data to {} training samples." "".format(max_training_samples)) training_data.limit_training_data_to(max_training_samples) return training_data
[docs] def train(self, training_trackers: List[DialogueStateTracker], domain: Domain, **kwargs: Any ) -> None: """Trains the policy on given training trackers.""" raise NotImplementedError("Policy must have the capacity " "to train.")
def _training_data_for_continue_training( self, batch_size: int, training_trackers: List[DialogueStateTracker], domain: Domain ) -> DialogueTrainingData: """Creates training_data for `continue_training` by taking the new labelled example training_trackers[-1:] and inserting it in batch_size-1 parts of the old training data, """ import numpy as np num_samples = batch_size - 1 num_prev_examples = len(training_trackers) - 1 sampled_idx = np.random.choice(range(num_prev_examples), replace=False, size=min(num_samples, num_prev_examples)) trackers = [training_trackers[i] for i in sampled_idx] + training_trackers[-1:] return self.featurize_for_training(trackers, domain) def continue_training(self, training_trackers: List[DialogueStateTracker], domain: Domain, **kwargs: Any) -> None: """Continues training an already trained policy. This doesn't need to be supported by every policy. If it is supported, the policy can be used for online training and the implementation for the continued training should be put into this function.""" pass
[docs] def predict_action_probabilities(self, tracker: DialogueStateTracker, domain: Domain) -> List[float]: """Predicts the next action the bot should take after seeing the tracker. Returns the list of probabilities for the next actions""" raise NotImplementedError("Policy must have the capacity " "to predict.")
[docs] def persist(self, path: Text) -> None: """Persists the policy to a storage.""" raise NotImplementedError("Policy must have the capacity " "to persist itself.")
[docs] @classmethod def load(cls, path: Text) -> 'Policy': """Loads a policy from the storage. Needs to load its featurizer""" raise NotImplementedError("Policy must have the capacity " "to load itself.")
def confidence_scores_for(action_name, value, domain): """Returns confidence scores if a single action is predicted. Args: action_name: Name of action for which the score should be set. value: Confidence for `action_name`. domain: Domain which contains all actions. Returns: List of length `len(nr_actions)`. """ results = [0.0] * domain.num_actions idx = domain.index_for_action(action_name) results[idx] = value return results